How Rich is John Humphrys? Net Worth Revealed! 

 March 25, 2023


John Humphrys is one of the most popular journalists and broadcasters in the UK. He is best known for his work on the BBC’s Today program, which he presented for over three decades. He has also worked on various other TV and radio programs, including Mastermind and Panorama. With such a distinguished career, it’s no surprise that many people are curious about John Humphrys’ net worth.

In this post, we’ll explore how rich John Humphrys is, and what factors contribute to his wealth. So, let’s dive in!

John Humphrys’ Early Life and Career

John Humphrys was born on August 17, 1943, in Splott, Cardiff, Wales. He grew up as the eldest of five children in a working-class family. After completing his education at Cardiff High School, he started his career as a journalist at the Penarth Times.

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He subsequently worked at the Western Mail and the BBC before becoming a foreign correspondent based in the US, South Africa, and Rome. He returned to the UK in 1980 to work as a presenter on the Today program, where he remained until his retirement in 2019.

How Rich is John Humphrys?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, John Humphrys has an estimated net worth of over $12 million. This fortune has been accumulated over a career spanning over five decades. But how did he amass such a significant fortune? Let’s find out.

Factors Contributing to John Humphrys’ Wealth

TV and Radio Career

John Humphrys’ most significant source of income is his career in TV and radio journalism. As one of the most prominent broadcasters in the UK, Humphrys has earned a considerable amount of money throughout his broadcasting career.

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Book Sales

John Humphrys is also an accomplished writer. He has authored several books over the years, which have contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

Property Investments

John Humphrys has invested heavily in property over the years. He reportedly owns several properties in London and Wales, which have appreciated in value, contributing to his wealth.

Speaking Engagements

John Humphrys is a popular public speaker, and he frequently earns money through speaking engagements. His high profile and distinguished career make him an attractive choice for corporate events and conferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is John Humphrys’ net worth?

John Humphrys’ net worth is estimated to be over $12 million.

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What was John Humphrys’ salary at the BBC?

John Humphrys’ salary at the BBC was not disclosed, but it was widely reported to be in the region of £600,000 – £650,000 per year.

What other TV shows has John Humphrys presented?

John Humphrys has presented several TV shows, including Mastermind, Panorama, and The Nine O’Clock News.

How many books has John Humphrys written?

John Humphrys has authored several books, including “In God We Doubt”, “The Great Food Gamble”, and “Lost for Words: The Mangling and Manipulating of the English Language”.

What kind of properties does John Humphrys own?

John Humphrys reportedly owns several properties in London and Wales, including a Georgian townhouse in London’s West End.

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What topics does John Humphrys speak on?

As a veteran journalist, John Humphrys is an authority on a wide range of topics related to politics, economics, and culture.

Is John Humphrys still working as a journalist?

John Humphrys retired as the host of the Today program in 2019. However, he has since continued to work as a broadcaster and journalist on other programs and projects.


John Humphrys’ net worth is a testament to his long and distinguished career in journalism. From his early days as a journalist in Wales to his role as one of the UK’s most beloved broadcasters, Humphrys has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and audiences alike. Through his hard work, talent, and shrewd investments, he has amassed a considerable fortune that is sure to sustain him in retirement.

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If you’re interested in learning more about John Humphrys or his work, be sure to check out his books, interviews, and other media appearances. And who knows, maybe you’ll even be inspired to follow in his footsteps and pursue a career in journalism or broadcasting!

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