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Koan Hui’s Net Worth Revealed: The Mind-Blowing Figure You Need to Know! 

 March 20, 2023


Have you ever wondered how much money a successful entrepreneur can accumulate? Koan Hui is an example of what a business leader can achieve. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in today’s fast-paced business world, and his company has given him a significant financial benefit. Today we will discuss Koan Hui’s net worth and various aspects that contribute to his wealth.

Early Life

Koan Hui is a Singaporean businessman, who is the CEO of OWL Limited. He graduated from the renowned Northwestern University‚Äôs Kellogg School of Management in 1992. After completing his graduation, he worked on Wall Street and Singapore’s stock exchanges, where he acquired vast expertise in financial analysis.

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In 1995, Hui founded Infiniti Solutions, a firm that developed real-time financial data analysis software. The company experienced a successful exit in 2001, which gave Hui a great deal of cash to work with. In recognition of his prior business achievements, he was made the CEO of OWL Limited when it was formed in 2017. OWL Limited is the parent company for Hui’s latest venture – OWL Eyewear, which produces fashionable and affordable sunglasses.

Net Worth

Koan Hui is worth a whopping $885 million, according to sources. He has built up his fortunes through his investment activities, especially in property development and investment banking. Additionally, he has a stake in several other businesses, which bring in huge amounts of money.

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Koan Hui is a well-known property investor. He has amassed a large collection of exclusive properties in Asia and the United States. Hui’s properties reflect his class and refinement, and they are highly revered in Singapore’s real estate market.

Owning an Eyewear Brand

OWL Eyewear is Koan Hui’s trademark. They are stylish and affordable sunglasses that have taken the fashion market by storm. The eyewear selection is ideal for fashion-conscious consumers who want inexpensive sunglasses that still have good quality.


Q1: What is Koan Hui’s current net worth?
A: Koan Hui is valued at $885 million as of 2021.

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Q2: What is the name of Koan Hui’s company?
A: Koan Hui is the CEO of OWL Limited.

Q3: What did Hui do after graduating from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management?
A: After Hui graduated from Kellogg School of Management, he worked on Wall Street and Singapore’s stock exchanges, where he gained experience in financial analysis.

Q4: What is OWL Eyewear?
A: OWL Eyewear is Koan Hui’s trademark. It is a brand of affordable and fashionable sunglasses.

Q5: How did Koan Hui make his fortune?
A: Koan Hui made his fortune by investing in various assets, including property development and investment banking.

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Q6: What is special about Hui’s properties?
A: Hui’s properties are highly regarded in Singapore’s real estate market and reflect his sophistication and refinement.

Q7: What is OWL Limited?
A: OWL Limited is the parent company of OWL Eyewear. It is a company founded by Koan Hui in 2017.


Koan Hui is a highly respected entrepreneurial figure who has made significant achievements throughout his career. His various sources of income, including his property investments and stake in businesses, have contributed to his incredible fortune. Hui’s investment in OWL Eyewear has also proven profitable. Aspiring entrepreneurs can take inspiration from his achievements and use them as a model for their own success.

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