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What is Marc-Marie Huijbregts’ Net Worth – The Ultimate Guide 

 April 25, 2023

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Marc-Marie Huijbregts is a famous comedian, writer, and actor from the Netherlands who has been entertaining audiences for decades. His charm, wit, and humor have made him a household name in the entertainment industry. However, many people are curious about his net worth, which is why we have created this ultimate guide to Marc-Marie Huijbregts’ net worth.

Early Life and Education

Marc-Marie Huijbregts was born on December 4, 1964, in Tilburg, Netherlands. He grew up in a family of four and was the youngest of his siblings. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in comedy and entertainment. He attended Tilburg University, where he studied philosophy.

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Career Beginnings

After completing his studies, Huijbregts decided to pursue a career in comedy. He joined a comedy group called Comedytrain and started performing in comedy clubs and theaters across the Netherlands. In 1999, he wrote his first solo show, which was a huge success.

Success as an Actor

In addition to his work as a comedian, Huijbregts has also had a successful career as an actor. He has appeared in many Dutch TV shows and movies, including the hit show “Wie is de Mol?” and the movie “Het Schnitzelparadijs.”

Personal Life

Huijbregts is known for being a private person, and not much is known about his personal life. He is openly gay and has been in a long-term relationship with his partner, Lodewijk Hoekstra, since 2005.

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Philanthropy Work

Huijbregts has been involved in several philanthropy projects over the years. He is an ambassador for the Aids Foundation and has also been involved in raising awareness for mental health issues.


Q: What is Marc-Marie Huijbregts’ net worth?
A: As of 2021, Marc-Marie Huijbregts’ net worth is estimated to be around $15 million.

Q: What is Marc-Marie Huijbregts most known for?
A: Marc-Marie Huijbregts is most known for his work as a comedian and actor in the Netherlands.

Q: When did Marc-Marie Huijbregts start his career in comedy?
A: Marc-Marie Huijbregts started his career in comedy in the 1990s when he joined the comedy group Comedytrain.

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Q: Has Marc-Marie Huijbregts won any awards for his work?
A: Yes, Marc-Marie Huijbregts has won several awards for his work, including a Dutch Comedy Award and a Golden Goat Award.

Q: Is Marc-Marie Huijbregts married?
A: No, Marc-Marie Huijbregts is not married, but he has been in a long-term relationship with his partner, Lodewijk Hoekstra, since 2005.


Marc-Marie Huijbregts is a talented comedian, actor, and writer who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Despite being a private person, he has managed to capture the hearts of many fans with his charming personality and hilarious jokes. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be $15 million, which is a testament to his hard work and dedication over the years. If you’re a fan of comedy, then Marc-Marie Huijbregts is definitely someone you should check out!

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