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What is Timo Humaloja’s Net Worth? Find out the Real Value Here! 

 April 25, 2023

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Timo Humaloja is a Finnish businessman and the co-founder of Nexstim, an innovative medical technology company that specializes in creating non-invasive brain stimulation systems. He has also founded other successful businesses in the past and has been an active investor and entrepreneur for several decades. It is natural to wonder about the net worth of such an accomplished individual. While there is no definitive answer to this question, we can make some reasonable estimates based on available information. In this blog post, we will explore the topic of Timo Humaloja’s net worth in detail, covering various aspects such as his background, career, investments, and more.

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Timo Humaloja’s Background

Timo Humaloja was born in Finland in 1958 and grew up in a small town called Kannus. He studied political science and economics at the University of Helsinki, where he earned his Master’s degree in 1984. After graduation, he worked for several years in the banking and finance industry before venturing into entrepreneurship. He founded his first company, Humap Software, in 1996, which specialized in creating e-learning and knowledge management solutions. The company grew rapidly and was eventually sold to a larger corporation in 2005.

Timo Humaloja’s Career

After the success of Humap Software, Timo Humaloja co-founded Nexstim in 2000, along with his business partner, Jukka-Pekka Onnela. Nexstim is a medical technology company that has developed a unique non-invasive brain stimulation system called Navigated Brain Therapy (NBT®). The system uses advanced 3D imaging and navigation technologies to precisely target specific regions of the brain and deliver therapeutic stimulation. Nexstim has received numerous awards and accolades for its innovation and impact on patient care.

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In addition to Nexstim, Timo Humaloja has been involved in several other ventures and investments. He has served on the board of numerous companies and organizations, including the Finnish Business Angels Network and the Finnish Innovation Fund. He has also invested in various promising startups and helped them grow and succeed.

Timo Humaloja’s Investments

Timo Humaloja is known to be an active investor and advisor to startups and small businesses. He has a particular interest in companies that use innovative technologies to solve real-world problems and improve people’s lives. Some of the notable companies he has invested in include:

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– Leadfeeder, a B2B lead generation and analytics platform
– Venuu, an online marketplace for event venues
– Eyesynth, a wearable device that helps visually impaired people “see”
– Klevu, an AI-powered search engine for online stores

While the exact amount of Timo Humaloja’s investments is not publicly known, some estimates suggest that he has invested in several dozen companies over the years, with total investments ranging in the tens of millions of euros.

Timo Humaloja’s Net Worth

It is difficult to determine Timo Humaloja’s net worth with precision, as he has not disclosed his financial information publicly. However, based on his successful business career and investments, some estimates suggest that his net worth could be in the range of tens or even hundreds of millions of euros.

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It is important to note that net worth is not the same as income or revenue. Net worth takes into account an individual’s assets, savings, and investments, as well as their debts and liabilities. Therefore, a high net worth does not necessarily mean that someone is earning a large income or revenue.


Q1. How did Timo Humaloja become successful?
A1. Timo Humaloja became successful by founding and leading several businesses and investing in promising startups. He has a talent for spotting opportunities and building strong partnerships and teams.

Q2. How much did Timo Humaloja make from selling Humap Software?
A2. The exact amount of money that Timo Humaloja made from selling Humap Software is not publicly known. However, it is believed to be a substantial amount, as the company was acquired by a larger corporation.

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Q3. What is Nexstim’s market value?
A3. Nexstim’s market value as of 2021 is around 45 million euros. However, this figure may change over time based on market conditions and the company’s performance.

Q4. What kind of companies does Timo Humaloja invest in?
A4. Timo Humaloja invests in companies that use innovative technologies to solve real-world problems and provide value to their customers. Some areas of interest include e-commerce, healthtech, and artificial intelligence.

Q5. How does Timo Humaloja choose which companies to invest in?
A5. Timo Humaloja looks for companies that have a strong founding team, a clear vision and strategy, and a scalable business model. He also considers the potential market size, the competitive landscape, and the risks involved.

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Q6. What other roles has Timo Humaloja had in addition to his business ventures?
A6. Timo Humaloja has served on the board of numerous companies and organizations, including the Finnish Business Angels Network and the Finnish Innovation Fund. He has also been involved in various philanthropic and social initiatives.

Q7. Is Timo Humaloja a billionaire?
A7. There is no definitive answer to this question, as Timo Humaloja’s net worth is not publicly known. Some estimates suggest that he could be worth tens or even hundreds of millions of euros, but he is unlikely to be a billionaire.


Timo Humaloja is a successful businessman, investor, and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the Finnish business and startup ecosystem. While his exact net worth may not be known, it is clear that he has created substantial value through his business ventures and investments. His story is an inspiration to anyone who aspires to build something meaningful and impactful. If you are interested in entrepreneurship or investing, you may want to learn more about Timo Humaloja and his insights and experiences. Who knows, maybe you too could become the next successful business leader!

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